Delusioneering Episode 3

In episode 3 of Delusioneering, “Indistractable,” Grafton discusses the “techlash” by charting the career trajectory of Nir Eyal, a second-rate tech entrepreneur, who praised habit-forming technologies in his 2014 book, Hooked, and then showed us how to disconnect from them in his 2019 book, Indistractable. Take a listen here.

Grafton on FUTURES Podcast

Grafton spoke with Luke Robert Mason, host of FUTURES Podcast, about how nostalgia is leveraged by Big Tech and corporations, how fictional universe-building has impacted the way we think about lived-reality, and how our recent obsession with the past might stop us from imagining a better future. Take a listen here.

Interview: Big Tech, Nostalgia, and Control – Grafton Tanner’s ‘The Circle of the Snake’

Grafton spoke with We Are The Mutants about nostalgia, Easter egg marketing, Big Tech, and his latest book, The Circle of the Snake. Read the interview here.

TANNER: And yet, as many were loudly critiquing Big Tech for its role in throwing elections, spreading fascism, and worsening mental health, the culture industry was churning out politically retrograde nostalgia-bait. Was it really that the techlash had made everyone even more nostalgic for the pre-digital past? Or was there some kind of connection between nostalgia and Big Tech?